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Disclaimer & Notice of Risk: Martial Arts and Fitness activities, as demonstrated and outlined in this website, carry an inherent risk of injury and damage to property. This is particularly true if the arts are not trained properly. Please consult both a physician AND professional instruction prior to undertaking any training regimen. Potential risks include, but are not limited to, pulled muscles, bruises, abrasions, death, and broken bones. Please exercise extreme caution and respect for your training partners while practicing any of our curriculum. 


Disclaimer & Notice of Intent: The intent of the Talio International Online School is not to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Nor is it to provide perfect answers, infallible skills, or mastery in the martial arts. The ONLY purpose of this website is for education and research. All training should be done under supervision of a professional.


Note: Teaching, sharing, or transmission of any of the materials in our curriculum is expressly prohibited without expressed written authorization from Roberto Torres and the TALIO International Management Team.


By agreeing to the terms of service you hereby agree to waive any liability to Talio International, Kuntao Talio, TAO Fighting, Torres Arnis De Mano, Ulin Sera Talio, any Martial Art, Combat System taught under the Talio International name or Roberto Torres or any of its affiliates for personal or property damage.


**Talio's annual event, Knowledge On The River will be prorated depending on your month of enrollment


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